Epic Film Capital (Epic) enables private clients to access lucrative film investment markets at various levels, from independent films to Hollywood blockbusters, Epic matches capital with talent.

Within a largely untapped market of independent and mainstream film production, companies are seeking finance for their projects.

These funding opportunities can offer significant returns on capital for connected investors.

These projects are what Epic is constantly aiming to identify. Projects that are viable, with healthy profit margins embedded within realistic potential earnings.

These carefully selected companies always need to be run by experienced and talented management teams, these are the people that Epic backs.

Epic chooses a company, team or project for a multitude of valid reasons, Be that because of their uniqueness or because they just tell a great classic story in a new novel way.

Accessing the returns that the film industry offers means that Epic has to select only the very best projects. To that extent we undertake our research and due diligance to an extremely high level, thereby delivering value to our clients and partners.

Being able to close deals with the most viable companies and then to match the select films they produce with the ideal financial partners, that is Epic's mandate.

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